Level-up your Brand(s) and generate Sales Leads with us by promoting your products and services through BANNER ADS, VIDEO ADS, and FEATURED ADS at affordable schemes!
Platinum Packages [Limited Offer!]
Discounted RatePlatinumDouble PlatinumTriple Platinum
Regular Listing(s)Unlimited
Featured Listing(s)41015
Sponsored Banner Ad(s)112
Sponsored Video Ad(s)012
Featured Sponsored Ad(s)--1
Advertisement Duration60 days
Cheques Payable to EDAPPILLY FZC. Limited Offer Only. Until further notice.
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Terms & Conditions:
  1. Ad locations are on "first come, first serve" basis.
  2. Advertisers can change their ads up to two (2) times within the contract period.
  3. All ads must comply with the UAE media policy, rules & regulations.
  4. Video ads should not exceed 15 seconds of run time.
  5. Advertisers must comply with the required specifications for the respective ad material (i.e. size, dimensions, format, etc.)
  6. Each ad will be subject for review and approval.