5 Major Mistakes One Should Avoid During the Interview

5 Major Mistakes One Should Avoid During the Interview
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January 23, 2021

Acing an interview and getting the job is challenging for every job seeker. 80% of job seekers miss their opportunity without proper preparation. 

First impression really matters and essential to use the opportunity to showcase the best qualities. Competition for every vacancy is getting tough and one has to stand out against several other candidates.

By avoiding the following common mistakes, one can increase the chances of getting hired.

  • Arriving Late 

  • Inappropriate Dressing

  • Using Mobile Phone

  • Failed To Know About The Company

  • Talking Too Long

Arriving Late 

The first impression is always the best. Arriving late indirectly exposes poor time management skills and also shows a lack of interest in the job.

Try to plan everything before the day of the interview. In addition to that, it's important to arrive at least 10 minutes early on the interview premises. This not only helps to reduce anxiety but also to get through the interview process.

Inappropriate Dressing

A famous quote states that “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. But an interviewer always concerns about the dressing and outfit of the employee.

               Making yourself presentable and looking professional is more important and necessary. Some small or start-up companies might not concentrate much on dressing and outfit, but it is important to carefully select the outfit, looking good and polished to counter the hiring process.

Using Mobile Phone

           Apart from the performance of the interview, every behavior scores on increasing the chances of getting hired. Before you get on to the interview, make sure that you keep the mobile phone in silent mode or switch it off. 

Using a mobile phone during the interview clearly shows the rude and disruptive behavior. Moreover, don’t make unnecessary calls or text and better shelf the mobile in a bag before the interview.

Failed To Know About the Company

Before the interview, make an extensive research on the background of the company. Sometimes, questions may arise about the company's latest development. So, better prepare for the company’s current trends, news, product developments, technology, and more. 

Tip:  Get the information from Wikipedia or the company’s official website “About Us” Page. Check also the company’s LinkedIn page and other social media pages for more details.

Talking Too Long

Another common mistake is talking too much or long answers to the interviewer’s question. The interviewer does not really need the whole story. Hence, the answer should be more concise, short, and straight. 

Don’t get sidetracked and also avoid the irrelevant reply. Also, try to avoid the dominant and aggressive conversation it will create a bad impression. 

Tip: A response should focus more on “How the company will earn the value from hiring you”

Bottom Line

Yes! To crack the interview is challengeable, but enthusiasm and a positive attitude pave the way to grab the job.

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5 Major Mistakes One Should Avoid During the Interview
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