Effective Tips to Write Appealing Classified Ads

Effective Tips to Write Appealing Classified Ads
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December 17, 2020

Advertising helps every business to earn more profit by enabling prospects to know about the products and services which they offer.

In traditional advertising, Classified ads are particularly common in newspapers and other periodicals. But in the internet world, you can see ads flash before your eyes at splashing speeds on the web.

By using classifieds sites you can easily buy and sell the products or services online.

Here are some effective tips to write appealing classified ads

       Know your target audience

       Grab the attention with headline

       Craft the message carefully

       Determine the length of the message

       Give Strong call to action 

       Test your ads


Know your target audience

Your ads should reach your right target audience and when you place your ad in the right category, that automatically draws your potential customers.

Craft the right message to your target audience that increases the chance to convert your potential customer to clients.


Grab the attention with headline

 Grab your audience with a surprising and eye-catchy headline and the main goal of your headline is to make your visitors read your first sentence.

           So, it is important to hook the reader right with the headline. If you fail to grab the audience's attention and they will not read the rest of your ad.

           Your headline should speak to the problem your business solves.

For example: 

       Problem: Is your audience looking for weight loss?

       Headline : “13 Powerful tips for losing body fat” 

So it tells your reader exactly what you offer in the ad and addresses their interest.


Craft the message carefully

           After grabbing the attention of the reader,  it's time to focus on crafting the message.

The goal of the ad should make the reader compelling and the message should be simple, direct, and clear to your audience.

 One of the popular techniques is PAS (Problem, Agitate, and Solution)

           Present the problem that your audience feels, stimulate that problem to seem really bad, and finally provide your solution to the agitated problem.

           Another popular technique is AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action)

        Attention – Grab your reader's attention with a BOLD statement, fact, or question.

        Interest – Engage their mind with features and benefits

        Desire – Make them feel desire and so they want what you’re offering

        Action – Ask them to take action and tell them what to do next

Determine the length of the message

           You should look into the number of words put in your ad. Make sure to present only relevant, intriguing information to your ad description.

           Focus on your USP (Unique selling point) of your product or service that makes an impact on your audience strongly.

           Try to include only relevant keywords and elements in your ad and avoid unnecessary information.


Give Strong call to action 

           Tell your reader exactly what to do next by giving a strong call to action at the end of your ad. Always use a simple and clear message in your call to action and it should be creating a sense of urgency for your readers.

Call to action includes the following elements:

        Making the purchase

        Booking the appointment

        Calling the number

        Sign up to the website

These elements directly tell your readers what they should do next. Skipping the CTA is a grave mistake of your ads.

Tip: your CTA should communicate a value to your reader

Instead of words like “download”, “buy now” use “Get your free e-book”, “Add to cart save 50%”


Test your ads

           Testing allows you to uncover what works best and what works not.

A/B testing is one of the most commonly used methods for testing the ads.

According to HubSpot defines “Method of comparing two versions of something such as web page or app against each other to determine which one perform better”

In classified ads you can compare two versions of ads and test the important elements.


        Body content

        Call to action


Bottom line

Making your classified advertisement will be easy if you follow all the above-mentioned effective tips. Don’t forget to review your ads fully before publishing and find the appropriate classified site(s) which are more related to your products or services.

Finally, make sure to include your complete contact information about your business at the end of the ads.



Effective Tips to Write Appealing Classified Ads
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