Finding The Right Online Classifieds in the UAE

Finding The Right Online Classifieds in the UAE
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November 7, 2020

If you have a successful growing business in the UAE you would want to expand your horizons with more walk-ins and potential customers, and that can be done easily over the internet. There are numerous benefits when it comes to classified ads websites, for instance, global access. However, knowing which platform to use to build the visibility and listing does a major role.


Why traditional classifieds might be outdated? 

When advertisements are published inside newspapers in the print media, their relevance is lost after their publication date since they are viewed by the public on a day-to-day basis. Also, newspapers restrict the spread of an ad to the region where circulation is limited to. Language barrier adds more nay to the traditional classified among the natives and is limited by options. Hence, awareness created by an ad published in the print media is going to be limited since it is not having exposure to many people.


How can online classified help the local community? 

An ad published in online classifieds over the internet is going to have a global reach with potential buyers not just limited in local market but it spread across the world. Almost every sector of the industry has started to rely on online classifieds allocating a small portion of their marketing budget.

Over the past few years, the online classifieds market has shown an increasing trend in the developed economies. The growth is identified due to the increased usage of the internet and mobile phones and other advanced technologies. Consumer preference has shifted in favor of digital media and other social network platforms and their popularity is increasing day-by-day among the population in developed countries.

How to grow the business via Online Classifieds?

The most important factor that contributed to the growth of online classifieds is the arrival of smartphones and their increased usage. And this has resulted in mobile advertising becoming the major growth driver for the advertising market in the digital world.

   With the right online classifieds, a growing Small/Medium size Business can gain great audience and reach. All you have to do is make sure to have good and simple engaging listing of your business/services into the classified and pull your target to your business.

   Online classifieds not only support B2B users, it is a huge platform for the B2C users to have more convenient opportunity to buy and sell their movable and non-movable assets into the local and international market.


Unlike any sector, the online classifieds have their own set of perks and they do seem to have a certain major setback – with an overpopulation of listings and ads. And this is often exploited by illegitimate operators with fake ads and promotions with dubious intentions. Hence, proper research on picking your right classifieds partner is key.

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Finding The Right Online Classifieds in the UAE
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