How Digital Marketing can help in your business

How Digital Marketing can help in your business
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March 11, 2020

In marketing strategies across the globe, digital marketing is gaining ground in an unprecedented manner since it is providing organizations with fruitful results. Organizations are attracted into using digital marketing due to its reach, penetration, response and cost benefits.

Advantages of Digital Marketing 

·         Lead Generation.
·         Improved Conversion Rate.
·         Higher Revenues.
·         Cost Effective than Traditional Marketing.
·         Higher Return On Investment from Campaigns.
·         Valuable Data and Analytics.
·         Ability to Compete with Large Corporations.
·         Build Brand Reputation.
·         Knowledge on Competition.
·         Real Time Results.
·         Improved Outreach.


Now how one can define digital marketing? Digital marketing can be defined as any form of marketing that involves electronic devices for the promotion of products or services. The revolution that has taken place in the information technology front due to advancements in the field of electronics has made it possible to have customer responsive equipment. This coupled with the advent of artificial intelligence is going to make it easier for marketers to reach out to their target audience like never before. The only thing marketers must do is to clearly identify the right tools required to gather information, process it and, use it effectively to reach to their target audience.

Both online and offline media can be used for doing digital marketing and what distinguishes them is the method used for reaching to their respective audiences. In online media “world wide web” is used to reach out to their target audience while in offline media electronic gadgets are used to reach out to the target audience. A good example for offline marketing would be usage of iPads in restaurants to place orders and to take customer feedbacks. This will enable to collect demographic information, customer preferences and contact details for future references. Other examples for offline media is radio marketing (jingles, promotions & brand ads), television marketing (ads) and phone marketing (inbound/outbound calling and SMS) etc....

In the case of online media there are broadly seven categories which involve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing, SMM (Social Media Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), Affiliate Marketing and finally Email Marketing.

1.    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will enhances visibility of your web site. The objective is to optimize to land on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing etc..

2.    SEM (Search Engine Marketing) make sure that your website appears in the search engine results when someone searches for information related to your business.

3.    Content Marketing involves creation and sharing of online materials such as videos, blogs, and social media posts.

4.    SMM (Social Media Marketing) involves usage of social media platforms to target your audience - to build brand awareness, generate sales, and drive traffic into the website.

5.    PPC (Pay Per Click) is the internet marketing model in which advertiser pay a fee each time a prospective buyer clicks on one of their ads digitally displayed.

6.    Affiliate Marketing is a model in which a company pays to an individual or organization a commission for sending a buying customer to their website.

7.    Email Marketing helps to segment customers based on their preferences to send highly personalized information that resonate with the customer.

How Digital Marketing can help in your business
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