How To Drive Business During COVID-19

How To Drive Business During COVID-19
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April 21, 2020

We see the panic and destruction caused as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and take hold in various regions around the world.

As of now, more than 2 million have been infected and more than 140,000 people have died worldwide. As experts calculate the economic impact following this pandemic, we come to one conclusion that nothing is certain anymore.

Empathy and compassion are necessary towards the consumers as well as employees in these challenging times especially when it comes to a large workforce that may be affected. Brands must take care not to utilize the desperation of the consumers in the situation in a negative manner as it would impact the brand long term.

We have seen the importance of SEO in these hectic economic times in the past and we see a hike in Interest in SEO as a discipline, more than ever before.

Google Trends interest on SEO as of April 8 2020

From manufacturing to delivery to the customers themselves, the supply chain has been affected. Media consumption is on the rise, as people are trying to get used to working from home with children attending online classes, how to get groceries and stay fit without leaving the house, and more.

Many businesses are now in a position where they need to rethink strategy in light of COVID-19 business interruptions and impact.

The demand for original, useful content is massive. The world is tackling to run their businesses in the most usual way possible when it is far from the usual. All around the world, companies are having to shift from events and promotions to digital channels in record time and are trying to find the most cost-effective platforms that may offer the best returns on investments. All of this widespread change and demand means enormous volumes of content being created and pushed to consumers.

This is being done by creating social media campaigns targeting those working from home, launching or updating their e-commerce channels and showing a real focus on using influencers and SEO to reach more audiences.

Researching where your customers can be found online, and how different approaches and tactics might impact your success to develop new digital strategies for marketers since now we have more time than ever as we are confined to homes, rather than on sales visit or at events.

We are quickly finding that clients did not want to lose the networking opportunities provided by the online conference circuit. In addition to this, clients are looking to spend their remaining marketing budgets since 50 to 60 percent of their marketing budgets are consumed by events, and hence they are now open to new ideas to spend their money.

If they see the benefits and opportunities that digital platforms can offer, this may become part of their long-term marketing plans.

While offering immersive 3D virtual events, we see businesses wanting to become more sophisticated in their use of social platforms. Clients are turning to Facebook or Instagram Live, which were platforms often tested in the past but never fully integrated into their marketing strategy. Making the most of these platforms to achieve better returns and more targeted campaigns are of more value.

Life may have changed as we try to remain safe from the virus, yet we need to comprehend that marketing activities should continue in some capacity. It's simply an issue of making a stride back and adopting strategies that are more sensitive to the times.

There's no reason why digital marketing should just be a temporary fill-in, as long as businesses approach the change strategically and could even carry on providing long-term value when the world eventually gets back to normal.

How To Drive Business During COVID-19
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