How To Find A Job

How To Find A Job
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May 11, 2020

A 23-year-old freshly graduated student steps out into the real world of sweat-filled with frustration, panic, and confusion. She knew it was not going to be the same comfy classroom where a professor walks in and she has to bear just a few hours of lecture and then relax back and hang out with friends. She knew in a few months now she will be in an office with a lot of unknown people struggling throughout the day to meet deadlines, and there will be a boss who will be furiously throwing a bunch of files at her desk demanding results. But wait, little did she know that an MBA and extra course is not enough to help her get a job. There are a thousand others with similar qualifications or even more still struggling to get a decent job. Sure, you might find a petty job, which probably offers a low salary. But is that enough to meet your daily expenses? Forget the salary, do you think you studied so hard just to get into an office that does not help you explore and utilize your talents and hidden abilities?

Job hunting is serious and tough. It’s not like the games on our phone were our virtual character gets a job by simply climbing up levels. This is a game that involves hardship, commitment, loyalty, and determination to be successful. There is no pause or restart button along with it. It will take time and patience to reach where you dream to be.

She decided to give her the best and enter the world of rejection and hardship. She was ready to accomplish great things in life, settle down, and make her family proud. So she started sending out her resume to different company email id’s and went for interviews. She received very little feedback for the resumes she had sent and the interviews she got accepted offered her really low salaries and no security. She was not satisfied with them as she knew great things are waiting for her, she just didn’t know how to reach there.

She then decided to apply through job portals and came across Weathi Classifieds. The website looked professional and easy to locate layout with several categories. She noticed there were two categories just for the job- “jobs” and “jobs wanted”. Out of excitement, she clicked on jobs. She found classifieds were many companies listed, looking for potential candidates. She saw a little ray of hope, and with a smile on her face, she applied for the jobs that fit her qualifications and needs. Out of curiosity she then clicked on jobs wanted. She found that many just like her had listed their interests for a post in different fields attaching their resume to it. So with fingers crossed, she decided to give Weathi Classifieds a chance and attached her resume and interest for a post along with the others. The very next day she received emails and calls on the jobs she had applied and listed. She was happy she had lots of options to choose from and thanked God. After carefully going through all the proposals, job proposals, not marriage proposals, she picked one company that met all her standards and she knew she could contribute her best to them as well. She contacted them and confirmed her job.

She crossed the hard road of job hunting with the help of Weathi Classifieds. She thought how many just like her would be going through this struggling phase and prayed the best for them. Weathi Classifieds was her ray of hope and now thanks to Weathi Classifieds she got her dream job.

You might even wonder if you’re as employable as you thought you were. Trust me, you’re not alone. There are millions of other job seekers just like you, experiencing those same frustrations. So, trust Weathi Classifieds and place your listings as they believe dreams come true and that you can achieve anything.

How To Find A Job
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