How To Sell Your Car in UAE For A Higher Price?

How To Sell Your Car in UAE For A Higher Price?
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December 22, 2020

Selling a car in the UAE is not much more complicated in the digital world than pre-internet age. Online classified sites make you easier and also have a higher chance to reach your potential buyers.

Here listed few tips that will help you to sell your car more than expected:

  1. Choose the Right Time

  2. Keep your car ready-perfect

  3. Know the value of your car

  4. Prepare the paperwork

  5. Helping hand with classified sites

Choose the Right Time

           Timing is important for every aspect of life. Selling at the right place and the right time has a higher chance of getting more benefits. If you are in an emergency and want to sell the car immediately, then it is completely different from consciously wishing to sell. Time is interlinked with the demand and also correlated to the value. According to a recent study it states that “The demand for used cars has certainly increased from pre-pandemic times”

With the impact of public transportation due to covid-19. Now the usage of cars, bikes are steadily increasing purely for the safety purpose. Also, the on-demand curve for selling cars is increasing during this period.

 So, choosing the right time is more important to sell your car.

Keep your car ready-perfect

When you decide to sell your car, make sure that you keep your car clean and perfect unless it shows a lack of maintenance to your potential buyer. If the car has any mechanical problems try to fix it or inform early about the issues.

If you are going to sell through online advertising or authorized dealers keeping the car in perfect condition is extremely important. Sure enough, the car has cleared all the checklist testing conditions and not taken part in any due-diligence.

Know the value of your car

In terms of value, any movable properties will start depreciating anonymously once you leave the showroom.  First, you need to know the real value of your car before negotiating the price to the prospects or potential buyers.


There are many websites available to know the value of your car. Otherwise, try to contact any qualified technicians who are well known in the auto industry. Sites Like cashyourcaruae, carswitch sites have the feature of a "Free online car valuation calculator". By using the calculator you can easily find out the value. Knowing the real value will help to decide the selling price of your car.

Prepare the paperwork

Make sure you are ready and prepared with all your proper documents and avoid last-minute unnecessary anxiety.

Following documents are required to sell your car:

  • Registration certificate - Mandatory

  • Insurance certificate- Mandatory

  • Pollution under control certificate – Mandatory

  • Self-attested copy for your valid proof – Mandatory

  • Self Attested photographs - Mandatory

  • Invoice of the car – Optional

  • Duplicate car keys – Optional

  • Ownership manual – Optional

For more details regarding documents, you can check the state motor vehicle department website. Besides, attach the ownership transfer application in your paperwork.

Helping hand with classified sites

          In the digital world, you can sell any products or services online quickly without any fuss.  Decide whether you want to advertise offline or online and choose the best fit.

Advertisement should include the following information

  • Car’s brand & model

  • Asking price

  • Condition of the car

  • Mileage

  • Accident and damage history

  • Vehicle identification number

For a better impression to the potential buyers, take a lot of photos and make sure the picture has the front, rear, and side view of the car. Also, show the inner door panels and dashboard.

Finally, furnish with a detailed description and attractive features of your car. Try to include solid & powerful points in the descriptions that make a desire and a positive feel to your potential buyers.

Good Luck. Happy Selling!

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How To Sell Your Car in UAE For A Higher Price?
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