How prepared are you with DIGITAL MARKETING in 2020?

How prepared are you with DIGITAL MARKETING in 2020?
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July 14, 2020

The next trends in digital marketing in 2020 are, paradoxically, both more humane and more mechanical. It seems like the general pull of digital marketing is moving in the direction of more personal relationships with more tailored niches, but automation and new technologies are the means to make those connections. To gain an advantage over your rivals you must keep looking ahead and aspire to adopt new technology, resources, and strategies.

The heart and drive of digital marketing remains the same which is getting people what they want, when and where they want it and technology is just opening new doors to help you get there and seize the opportunities lying ahead.


Chatbots are the solution for businesses to interact more with their clients and an easy way to know their interests and receive easy feedback without spending a lot. You can improve the user experience and close more deals with your user-friendly interface, which includes web-sharing, live messaging & file transfers. Such instant messaging chatbot helps capture your leads and record and store data for future references if you want to send personalized messages or emails on your latest product or discounts and deals which you think might be to their interest.


Influencer marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on using key leaders (influencers) to extend their brand message to a broader audience. Influencers may be well-known celebrities but usually they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with a lot of followers who can help spread the word about your business or product across their social media.

People trust social media influencers as they chose to follow them, first. So when a genuine influencer suggests a specific product, their audience listens, engages, and acts upon their advice. Many buy products just because their influencer uses it or does a video blog over it and post it on their social media or YouTube channel. Such strong influencers are usually paid heavily but they are a useful source to generate more sales.


Voice search plays an important role in providing all the relevant information that people are searching for through audio content. The advance in AI and the number of errors made by voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google have greatly reduced.  Many brands have already included voice search in their digital making strategies to deliver value-based content to their potential customers. Optimizing for voice search is a great way to spread brand awareness and also a great way in answering all queries. An example is Nestle Company; they created a skill that provides voice instructions to customers when they are cooking. Here, marketers must develop a unique approach to interact with customers and must find ways to differentiate their company from their competitors. As the audience looks for uniqueness and the benefits they gain, the marketers must find ways to stand out.


One of the main reasons why digital marketing trends change rapidly is because the platforms that they depend on change. Platform keeps changing their algorithms and systems to adapt to the customers preferences and interests. So as search engines evolve and become smarter, the marketers also have to adapt to that change or else they will be left behind.

More and more search queries have featured snippets, which lands you on the first page and helps get you much more clicks than the other search results. For this purpose, keeping them in mind while developing digital marketing content and optimizing each piece of content for featured samples, utilizing simple, well-structured content, is essential. SEO also helps land your website or ad in the first page, but then the content in your page plays an important, if the words used are more personalized, catchy and most searched then you have more chances in staying on top of the search page.

How prepared are you with DIGITAL MARKETING in 2020?
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