How to be Safe While Using A Classified Website?

How to be Safe While Using A Classified Website?
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November 16, 2020

One of the biggest marketplaces nowadays is classified websites. It helps you get everything including housing, job search, furniture and so on. In addition, it provides an online forum for selling whatever legal products you want, whenever you want. Classified website is a cost-effective way of selling or buying anything without wasting much time, effort or money.

Although, sadly, there is a separate fear associated with classified pages that is created by certain scammers who often want to cheat buyers to make money out of them. Nowadays, every confidential and trust worthy classifieds website uses an additional authentication process to give users a scam-free experience, but as we know, every safety layer has a loophole and scammers still take the chance. How do we fight against such scammers and fake listings? We at team weathi have gathered some valuable tips for users to stay safe when you are using a classified website.

Are the Deals Provided By An Authenticated Advertiser/Seller

Good sales and discounts always draw our attention, sometimes there may be some valid/real offers at extremely good prices, and sometimes they may be too good to be true, so always cross-check it as many times as you can. Not all deals fall under scammers, but make sure you go for the deal which is genuine and authentic.

Never Pay in Advance

We found some sellers often asking for advance or full payment before the product is handed over, they may be genuine but as a sensible buyer never pay in advance. Always use the method of COD and validate the item before paying the money.

Use the Website’s Chat Service

Never post or share your contact info directly. Be a smart user of classifieds websites. A strong website should have a chat system. Always use this chat system and post your contact information only if you are very sure that it is a genuine and realistic ad. Avoid sharing your information beforehand.

Pay Attention To Advertisement Details

A successful advertiser or an authentic seller would never conceal anything from the customer about the product. A genuine advertisement should provide a proper explanation of the product with the original photographs of the product. If the photos of the product are extracted from the internet, it is a matter of concern. So, always study the initial photos of the product before diving into the buying phase.

Don’t Fall Quickly For Low-Priced Products

When the price of a product is too low, there are two possibilities: one is that the product is not in good shape (poor quality) and the other possibility is that it is a false ad. So, always think logically and take time before going ahead with it.

Do not be a Victim! Always be a smart user of classified ads to prevent any kind of scams. as a responsible classifieds website in UAE, does check these aspects to a great extent with the ads published in their website. We do extensive screening and delist any ads that do not meet the norms and guidelines. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are protected from such scams and they get what they were looking for without being cheated. We wish all our customers safe purchasing and big savings!


How to be Safe While Using A Classified Website?
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