How to build a successful classifieds website

How to build a successful classifieds website
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January 31, 2021

Classified websites provide a fantastic way to improve business visibility, particularly for small and medium-sized companies that do not have big marketing budgets or their own marketing websites.

There is a multitude of classified websites on the internet today and they are making a lot of money: according to Statista, by 2021, worldwide income from the Classifieds segment is projected to reach US$ 20 billion. In this article we will be listing some tips on how to build and monetize your very own classified website.

  1. Select a good Domain Name

The domain name or web address is the first thing you need to determine when making a website. When you are thinking of a domain name for website keep in mind some of the following tips.

  1. Keep it short (domain name should not be more than 10 letters).

  2. Should be unique, catchy and easy to remember.

  3. Try including popular classifieds keywords in your domain name, its major boost to your SEO.

  4. Use the ‘.com’ extension as it is the most familiar and easiest to remember.

Also, you need to use a decent host to register the domain address as well as to host it. GoDaddy provides a great hosting service as well as a brokerage service if you want to buy a domain name that is already owned.

  1. Choose your Niche!

We suggest that you start creating a website for classifieds with an emphasis on a particular market or a specific group of customers. This strategy would help you properly satisfy your customer’s needs and escape heavy competition at the outset.

In addition, consumers prefer to look for costly products such as vehicles, property, or luxury goods on niche online markets. As a result, shoppers are protected from scams and bogus goods that are popular on horizontal e-commerce sites.

  1. Essential features to add in your classifieds website

To get conversions to your website, clients should have a seamless experience of using your website to find and purchase the products and services they need. In addition, for businesses that are looking to publish their ads on your website should find your platform convenient. To please all parties, you therefore need to take care of its features.

Your website must have the following essential features:

  • User registration and verification.

  • Security and privacy features.

  • Multiple payment gateways

  • Rating and review system

  • Search and filter features

  • Proper categorization of your classified listings.

  • Easy ad posting form

  1. Building your website

When it comes to building your website, it depends on your budget. If you have a high enough budget, you can hire a team of web developers and build a customized website according to your satisfaction. But if you want to build a low-cost one, website building platforms are your best choice. WordPress is an amazing platform that provides this service. You don’t need to have coding experience to use WordPress, as it offers readymade classifieds themes and plugins to build a very functional classifieds platform.

  1. Monetization Strategy

Your website would not make you any revenue without a prior monetization plan. But it is difficult to monetize a website at an early stage. When you try to earn a profit through your customers, it drives them away from visiting your website again. So, focus on building traffic to your website, and when you have earned a loyal base of customers implement some of the following ideas:

  • Banner Ads

  • Featured Ads 

  • Subscriptions

  • Pay to Post

  • Premium Membership etc…………..

How to build a successful classifieds website
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