How to make money online in Dubai

How to make money online in Dubai
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September 14, 2020

“How to make money online?” this question is more relevant today than ever. As a regional business hub, Dubai has been hit hard by the pandemic, thousands of expatriates have lost their jobs over the past few months. Dubai’s high cost of living makes it hard for those people who have lost their jobs, to continue living in the emirate.

Besides the high cost of living, the current COVID-19 lockdown encourages us to stay at home and protect ourselves from the virus. In this situation, it is not ideal to depend on our savings to keep up with the high living cost in Dubai. Therefore finding out ways to make money online can help us get through these difficult times.

Earning money through online sources doesn’t require any specific skill or a long history of being familiar with computers or the Internet. Millions of people all over the world earn a part or all of their income online, and not all of them are computer geniuses. There are multiple ways to earn money online in Dubai, here are some of them.

1.      Blogging

There are various methods to make money with your blog. But the simple idea behind these methods is to turn a blog into a money-making machine by selling ad spaces to those who want to reach your reader audience or influencing the minds of your readers to pay for some of the services you might have mentioned in your blog. Below listed are some of the sources of revenue you can receive from your blog:

1.      Google AdSense

2.      Affiliate program

3.      Paid guest posts and reviews

4.      Donations


2.      Surveys

Earning money online from surveys is an easy way to make money. There is a lot of business with paid surveys going on in the market. There are hundreds of surveys being made each week in the market, and thousands of people earn a lot of cash through answering these surveys.  Many legit websites offer you this opportunity. Example Triaba, TgmPanel, Swagbucks.


3.      Sell your old stuff

Do you have too much unnecessary stuff lying in your home? Are you ready to get rid of them, and at the same time earn some money? Your trash can be another man's treasure. You can sell items ranging from old furniture like sofa, couch or Table, Old Books which are lying on the shelf or storeroom, Electronics like Mobile handsets, tablets, etc. Selling your old stuff on Weathi is quite easy, and hardly costs anything to put up your ad.


4.      Online Trading

Online trading platforms are a popular source of revenue for most people. It has allowed those who have a computer, sufficient funds to open an 

account, and a reasonably good financial history, to invest in the market. What you trade could range from stocks and bonds to something quite popular— cryptocurrencies. But doing so has its risks and profits as well. You can earn a lot of money or lose a lot more.


5.      Social Media Influencing

If you have a lot of followers on any of the social media platforms, you could earn quite a lot of money through sponsored posts or by being a brand ambassador. Sponsored social media posts are when businesses or marketers pay you to promote their brand or product in a social media post. Whereas when you’re a brand ambassador, you’ll get free products from the brand. In exchange, you’ll have to promote these products on social media.


How to make money online in Dubai
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