How to sell your car privately in Dubai

How to sell your car privately in Dubai
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August 31, 2020

Most people are uncertain of what to do with their old car. Usually, the owner would want to sell it, but can’t find the best way to do so, let alone get a decent price for it! Are you searching for a way to sell your old car? 

Thanks to the Internet there are now multiple ways to sell your car. Yet you need to be conscious of the different methods so that you can pick the best one for you. Usually, it’s a matter of getting a decent price for convenience. Like if some people are in a hurry to sell their car even if it’s for a low price, then it is recommended to sell the car to an outside dealer or trade the car for a new one. But if you don’t have a time constraint then selling your car privately will assure you the best price for it.

In this article, I will give you some tips on how you can sell your car privately for the best price.

1.      Know the value of your car

Before selling your car, you should first get a reasonable estimate of its value. Since most of us are not car experts, websites such as  




can provide us with a reasonable estimate value for our car. In any of these websites, you will have to answer a range of questions such as your car’s make, model, options, and mileage. They will also question you on the condition of your car, where you have to be as honest as possible. Once you have answered these questions, they will generate a retail value for your car. It will you give an idea of the amount you can expect to sell your car to a private party.

2.      Your car condition

Inspect your car to ensure that the vehicle is in outstanding technical condition before you put it up. Have a mechanic conduct a professional assessment of your car and make the required adjustments. Also, make sure that your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned by a professionalcar service centre before the sale.

If the car is in decent shape, it can receive a higher resale value, which translates into a better offer and maybe a profit. Potential customers often inquire about the mechanical conditions of the vehicle they are buying. Make sure that it is at its finest, both internally and externally.

3.      Choose the right online platform

After establishing a retail value and ensuring that your car is in good condition, it is time to choose the right online platform to sell your car. When selling your car privately, the best way to ensure that your car reaches a wide audience is to put it up in classifieds websites. There are multiple classifieds websites in Dubai, where you can put up your car ad for free such as But when you do so, your ad might get lost in the sea of daily incoming ads. Then you might have to sign up for a paid option; offers the most cost-effective paid option in the market, AED 1/- per day. It is way cheaper than most websites in the current market.

4.      Write a good ad

Once you have listed with an online platform, take your time to craft a well-described selling ad. There are hundreds of used cars in Dubai listed with online platforms. For your car to stand out among these, you have to make sure that your ad seems attractive to potential buyers. Hire professionals to take quality photos/videos and write a compelling description of your car. State all the drawbacks as the buyer will find it out when he test drives or takes the car for inspection. Also, mention any custom modification you might have made to the car that might seem beneficial to prospective buyers.

Selling your car privately might seem like a hassle, as it takes a lot of time to get a good buyer for your car. Be ready to face a lot of questions and negotiations on your quote price for your car. But selling privately is the only way you can get the best price for your car.

How to sell your car privately in Dubai
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