Job Market In Dubai Right Now

Job Market In Dubai Right Now
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September 6, 2020

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic is triggering dramatic shifts in the UAE work market and worldwide. This not only redefines the way we work, but also the skills needed to remain competitive when looking for new possibilities.
In a Gulf news interview, Rajai El Khadem, head of employment platform LinkedIn said, “A typically high-touch human process has suddenly shifted to virtual platforms. Teams are now required to conduct interviews, read tone and body language, and even onboard new hires online.” As we see, most businesses already have a virtual onboarding mechanism that integrates software’s for video conferencing, videos, live meetings and other digital solutions.
For a long time, UAE had relied on expertise from other countries, and with travel constraints, many employers have to fill in skill gaps by improving their existing workforce or looking at applicants within the UAE, rather than trying to import talent from outside. 
New skills now required
Adaptability: The pandemic has created new work arrangements, workspaces, technology and even altered positions. All professionals will need to continually learn and unlearn to be able to succeed in the prevailing workplace.
Tech savvy: Corporations are reviewing and recalibrating their market strategies to drive digital transformation with the world shifting online. They are looking at big data, AI and emerging technology more closely to ensure greater efficiency and stability in addressing challenges to the future. Being aware of these patterns and dealing with them as they continue to grow, is important. 
Leadership: In a workplace you might find some leading the rest with quick decisions at crucial times. With the economy changing constantly, professionals with strong leadership skills with an ability to inspire and collaborate, will be in greater demand than ever before.
Customer service: Good customer service skills remain crucial as the global health crisis continues to affect the way companies do business. Employees who show great value towards customers are in high demand, particularly with multiple services now performed online, rather than in person. As a matter of fact, UAE's data shows that customer service positions are among today's top job positions.

As we see, now businesses are looking to cut cost. They want to minimize their expenses in every way possible as their revenue level is dropping due to the pandemic and the solution found is firing and hiring. Fire the highly paid employees, and hire those who are skilled for the very specific job and are ready to work for a lower salary. Due to this many experienced and hardworking employees who have worked day and nights have lost their job. Since many are being fired, it is seen that people just to stay in UAE with a visa, are ready to compromise for a low salary, especially the expatriates. It is also seen that many employees voluntarily quit their jobs, as their company had not been paying them for months and this has mainly affected those with a family to take care of, as they were not able to meet their day-to-day needs. 

Who knew that things would turn upside down all of a sudden? All we can do is keep learning and acquiring new skills and talents to keep up with the job market needs and pray for the best. “Hardwork pays off”, so one must not give up just yet, but fight back and show you’re worth it.  

Job Market In Dubai Right Now
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