Key Tips for Writing a Successful Online Classified Ad

Key Tips for Writing a Successful Online Classified Ad
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December 2, 2020

Nowadays, people want to know how to create ads on the Internet, as they can provide many opportunities when it comes to taking a business to actual and prospective clients, primarily because of the variety of forms that you have available, and for the options of classification and monitoring of the efficacy of your ads.

When you advertise your business, what you want is for people to notice and be interested in your business or products. It turns out that one of the most commonly used marketing tactics to accomplish this aim is to list your business or products with online classifieds websites and directories. That's why any entrepreneur should know how to post a classified ad on the Internet.

You might find that writing a classified ad might be easy but writing one that generates results is quite hard. Below listed are some of the tips you can follow to write a fruitful ad.

Select the Right Classifieds Website

When advertising your business online, the best way to ensure that it reaches a wide audience is to put it up on classifieds websites. There are multiple classifieds websites in Dubai, where you can put up your ad for free such as But when you do so, your ad might get lost in the sea of daily incoming ads. Then you might have to sign up for a paid option; offers the most cost-effective paid option in the market, AED 1/- per day. It is way cheaper than most websites in the current market.

Make Your Headline Stand Out

The headline is a central element of your classified ad. This is what will first be noticed and read by your audience, so it is important to attract them with engaging, persuasive messaging that makes them want to take the next step. To make an ideal headline, begin with a list of core benefits of your product or service and incorporate the most attractive benefit into your headline. If you are still finding it difficult, consider a headline that focuses on the needs or problems of your prospects.

Multimedia Content

The use of images or videos is a must. If the website allows you to add multimedia content, you have to choose well which ones you want to add. Along with the headline, the picture would be the first thing to get the customer's attention. If they're not drawn to the photo, they're hardly going to keep reading your ad. Make sure that any pictures or videos that you put up are taken by a professional.  

Persuasive Ad Content

Once the readers are baited by your headline, they may read the body of your ad. This section's purpose is to push the reader to take action. The body of your ad should be concise, direct and highly targeted to the reader. Incorporate a unique selling point into your messaging. Customers should be given a reason as to why they should buy your product or service over the hundred others in the market. Also, include a call to action in your ad such as ‘CALL NOW’ or ‘LIMITED OFFER’, which prompts potential customers to take immediate action.

Key Tips for Writing a Successful Online Classified Ad
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