Top mobile UI/UX trends in 2021

Top mobile UI/UX trends in 2021
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March 14, 2021

Have you ever wondered why famous brands like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp keep improving their app’s UI/UX design? Why do they keep launching new updates now and then? Well, the answer is simple, they do it because they must keep up with the current trends, to deliver the best experience to their users.

The ever-growing digital industry launches new cutting-edge technologies day after day. This has led to a rise in heavy competition between app development companies. To maintain a strong user base for their applications, they turn to new advanced technologies and trends to satisfy their goal. UI/UX is an important field that all app development companies pay attention to. Some of the advancements in this field have carved the path to success for many applications in the industry. To help you get to know them, below listed are some of the UI/UX trends being followed in 2021.

Super Apps

Over the past two decades the model of the apps developed have been the same- “single purpose”. As the name suggests, these applications are created to serve a single purpose or solve a single user pain point. But over the recent years “super apps” have become a new trend in the market. Such apps provide a stable ecosystem that satisfies multiple needs of the user without the user having to switch between various apps. Without a doubt, the most popular “super app” is China’s WeChat, used by two-thirds of the Chinese population. Messaging, social networking, news, e-payments, ticketing are just some of its potentially vast features.

Advanced Voice-Based Assistants 

Though this was a trend that started back in 2016, most of the Voice-based AI assistants these days can perform only a limited number of operations (like “Siri set an alarm for 1:00 pm” or “Siri call Dad”), rather than powerful AI based operations. The next generation of AI assistant will have a touch of advanced personalization. It will be able to understand the user’s intention and analyze the user speech to provide content which will make the user feel that it was specially created for them.

AR Boom in the App Industry

Augmented Reality technology is currently being implemented by the smartphone industry in significant numbers. Though dedicated AR devices exist, lack of production costs, or lack of awareness among consumers has led to the smartphone market being a major outlet of this technology, particularly the app market. Ever since the release of Pokémon Go and Snapchat, the demand for AR based apps have only grown. App developers are developing tons of new AR based apps every year. Some of the popular ones are Doodle Lens and Sky map, which helps you identify star configurations and constellations in the sky. AR technology is also giving a huge boost to the graphics in apps. The number of companies investing in smartphone-based AR technologies just keep increasing.

Data Security and Privacy

Many users are worried that big IT giants are monitoring or tracking their activities on the web. Most of you might have experienced seeing adverts frequently on something you browsed recently. Also, the massive data leaks occurring frequently have led the users to believe that the internet is not safe anymore, making them reluctant in sharing their personal data. 

Many industry leaders are implementing various solutions to address these problems. For example, in 2020 Apple introduced “Sign in with Apple” feature, a secure and private way to sign into apps and websites. Also, in cases where people are asked for their email address, they have the option to give unique email address which automatically relays messages to their personal email address.

Top mobile UI/UX trends in 2021
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