What jobs are in high demand in Dubai

What jobs are in high demand in Dubai
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September 21, 2020

What jobs are in high demand in Dubai

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of changes in the job sector globally, where the International Labour Organization has estimated, that about 2.7billion workers are out of job. As most companies look for ways to cut down expenses, employers re-evaluate all the employees from the bottom to top level and cut out those with limited skills and keep those with multiple skills. People are helpless and are panicking due to this crisis. The only solution to this is keeping up with the current market trends and identifying the top highly demanded jobs and acquiring those skills to meet the requirements for that job.


Technology: The digital world is rapidly evolving and we are struggling to keep up with the workload. With rise in innovation & technology everything has become digital. Communication, buy & sell, data collection, product development and so on are now done digitally. There is a great need for more software developers to produce new and creative programs with the increase of computers running the bulk of our business, financial and industrial operations.

Ø  Software engineering

Ø  Cloud infrastructure & Cyber Security

Ø  Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Ø  Digital product development and management

Ø  Artificial intelligence developers

Financing: Whether e-commerce or brick and motor, there is always a need for financial accounting. It is seen that a lot of businesses are hiring credit controllers in the current scenario as they are in shortage of cash, and one who can monitor money and make sense of the data and help enterprises make smart financial choices.

Ø  Credit controllers

Ø  Finance planning and analysis

Ø  Risk managers

Logistics/e-commerce: People with a driving license and vehicle are in demand as well, as most stores offer customers home delivery services. Also, those with an experience in retail and promotion, are required.

Insurance: Some third-party insurance companies have requested workers to help them cope with the increase in claims they face. Although having insurance experience will improve the odds of being hired, anybody with transactions processing expertise, whether working in banks or pharmacies, can still attempt to apply for those positions. As insurance safeguards a company/individual from risks, they are of high demand.

Ø  Claim administrators

Ø  Administrative staff

Ø  Back-end team of data coders

Medical service providers: Especially during this pandemic nurses and doctors are of great demand. To prevent the spread of the virus, weekly or at least monthly check-up needs to be done for which nurses and doctors are required. Now even corporates look for nurses that could do basic health check for their employees.

Ø  Nurses

Ø  Doctors

Ø  Consultants

Home Services: For those technicians or cleaners, who plan to enter the home-service sector, are generally advised to pursue their jobs with approved home service firms. In the UAE, the home services sector is regulated and only businesses with the appropriate licenses are licensed to provide such services. In addition, approved employers provide financial protection, worker benefits and health care to technicians and cleaners, which are essential to their safety and wellbeing when doing these jobs.

Ø  Domestic workers

Ø  Deep cleaning

Ø  Disinfection services

Out of the job sector, these are the highly demanded jobs in the industry. With proper skills, remarkable CV, and the right job portal you can find jobs in such areas and have a secured life. As the situation is worsening we must brace ourselves for what’s coming ahead and pre-plan and act on it as soon as possible.


What jobs are in high demand in Dubai
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