Why Internet is the Fastest Growing Advertising Medium?

Why Internet is the Fastest Growing Advertising Medium?
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April 26, 2020

This century marked the beginning of the Internet as the fastest growing advertising medium. It is a pull medium; the content being viewed online are decided by the consumers. Therefore, companies are starting to invest massive amounts to place ads online, especially on high traffic websites. The Internet seems to have leveled the ground between small and large organizations when placed with an advertising banner online. With the exposure of the consumers to these products and services online, they buy impulsively. As a direct result, E-commerce sales are expected to soar.

E-commerce payments in UAE set to reach $12.6 billion by 2022

We see from researches that past methods of digital marketing were very intrusive and most of them were not viewed by the consumers. But we see a change in trend now and consumers prefer online shopping as opposed to going shopping in stores and millennials are identified as the major driving force behind this change in trend. Millennials love online coupons and side panel ads instead of pop-up ads. Good visuals and graphics draw attention and lead them to repeatedly visit websites offering competitive prices and good shipping rates. A simple professional layout, interactive features, and bright colors capture the attention of millennials. Another trick is that brands induce them to give good online product reviews in exchange for incentives such as vouchers or gifts.

Side-panel ads, coupons, email updates, YouTube videos, and advertisements in the form of games are some of the most popular forms of online advertisings. According to research, online advertising influences consumer behavior, especially banner advertising, which leads to an increased probability of online shopping. Being able to easily deliver personalized messages to the consumers is another benefit that also brings loyalty to the consumers guaranteeing multiple purchases. Organizations can benefit by knowing which digital marketing strategies are engaging and prompting repeat business to attract their customers. Knowing which of these digital marketing strategies can engage more audiences and drive repeated business can benefit companies.

Advantages of E-Commerce 

·         Overcome Geographical Limitations.

·         Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility.

·         Lower Costs.

·         Locate the Product Quicker.

·         Eliminate Travel Time and Cost.

·         Provide Comparison Shopping.

·         Enable Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying.

·         Provide Abundant Information.

·         Create Targeted Communication.

·         Remain Open All the Time.

·         Create Markets for Niche Products.

Consumers do not like intrusive messages on their desktops and phones because they disturb their work. Forced Pop-ups, flashing items, links to sponsors, mandatory software downloads and non-closable browser windows, etc. are the most annoying online advertisements which do not bring in consumers instead drive them away. Hence, they are opposing to marketer’s goals. 

Research shows that online reviews have increased the chances of purchase among consumers who check online reviews. The younger generation often looks to their peers to know if a product or service offered online is worth trying. Most people now have their blogs or are following other blogs. Commercials created by consumers, blogs, and podcasts are becoming more popular with the help of platforms like YouTube, Google Video, and V-Cam. Organizations are also showing an increased interest in using consumer-generated content as an effective digital marketing tool and are willing to pay or offer reward points or offer recognition in return for such support.

With the Internet becoming an inseparable part of a consumer’s day to day life, we see it growing as a huge platform for advertising and business opportunities.

Why Internet is the Fastest Growing Advertising Medium?
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