Why Online Classifieds over Print Media?

Why Online Classifieds over Print Media?
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May 5, 2020

The Internet has opened a new gateway of possibilities in the world of Classifieds. For example, whether it is searching for jobs or buying and selling of products or services, you now have all the choice of doing it from the comfort of your home. You can also find that now, there are several online classifieds that publish available jobs and promote products or services online.


The birth of the internet manifested several different ways companies, groups, and individuals could reach out to others. There is no doubt in print media playing an important role in reaching people, however, the new popularity of online classified sites has taken over newspaper classifieds. Today readers can read an article by clicking on a button or tapping on the screen without wasting endless pieces of paper and causing paper cuts.

Today, people rarely get the time to go through newspapers daily, as they are usually caught up with their daily activities. As the introduction of technology has made it easier to access the current affairs or matters even through their tight schedule, the importance of newspaper has almost become obsolete. Therefore, online classifieds are much accepted in the present times. People are much dependent on online classifieds due to its multiple advantages.


The major point that distinguishes online classified sites from traditional classified sites is that one can find various important uses for posting ads on classified sites such as easy navigation, limited or zero cost for advertising, a vast range of visibility, better and improved methods for interaction, and safe options for payment.


Easy navigation


We see how classified sites are becoming popular everyday, irrespective of its competitors and one reason for this is because of the easy navigation of the classified websites. To post ads in a newspaper classified, the user has to physically travel to a newspaper office or contact an agent to fill the requirement. This would require more effort and time. Some offer online ad placement facility for newspapers, but not every newspaper has this facility.


On the other hand, online sites have several opportunities. A user can sit comfortably and can place their ad at their home. Since this platform can be accessed from around the world.


Broad visibility


The visibility provided by newspaper is limited. The ads can be visible only to a selected region, but classifieds sites are accessible all over and are globally active as well. When a user has an option to place their ad with broader visibility, then they always opt for more visibility.


Limited or zero cost advertising


In this age, everything is expensive. And since, some of the classifieds sites are providing limited cost while placing an ad, and some classified sites are free in terms of posting an ad, the user can advertise their ad for a maximum period of time.


Secured payment options


Online classified sites not only provide easier ways of placing ads, but also provide secure payment options. In past times, the user had to be skeptical about typing a credit card number in the form, but now this has been made easier by reliable sources such as PayPal. Many classified sites also provide free services to place an ad. In some of these classified ads, a user can place any number of ads for free. If a user fears about the security of the payment, they can opt for these free classified sites.


Improvised methods of interaction


After the advancements in technology, the internet has driven a normal user to the email and chat conversations. With the help of this, there is no need to take appointments and to interact over the telephone at the initial stage. They can contact, when necessary and convenient. This gives them the liberty of their time.


All of these reasons have made online classifieds a prominent and unavoidable part of advertising. This has in turn switched the minds of the users into choosing an online classified rather than the newspaper classifieds, owing to the huge success.



Why Online Classifieds over Print Media?
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