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Plumber [ Plumber ]
we offer wide range of plumbing services as repairing of a leaking faucet or shower head, a clogged garbage disposal, a dishwasher that will not drain, or water heater that is not heating. services: ✔ leakage fixing ✔ toilet repairing ✔ kitchen maintenance ✔ water heater install ✔ sewage ...
Nov 19, 2019 Nov 19
Guest Experience Executive [ Real Estate ]
business bay, dubai job details - welcoming guests, ensuring the highest level of customer experience. key responsibilities: -pre-check-in: contacting guests one-day prior arrival, making sure the guest has received and understood check-in instructions, reconfirming the time and exact location of ...
Oct 27, 2019 Oct 27
call or whattsapp 0558601999 we buy all type of used furniture in dubai, used bedroom sets, used dining tables, used leather sofa sets, used fabric sofa sets, used cupboards, used baby beds, used rugs, used carpets, complete used furniture of villas, apartments, and hotel furniture, used homeapplian ...
Aug 27, 2019 Aug 27
Retail Manager [ Retail & consumer Goods ]
professional summary qualified retail sales representative who has worked in a variety of retail environments during the last 15 years. strong customer service skills that always include a friendly smile and helpful attitude that draws in customers and keeps them coming back. reliable, with organiza ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Real Estate Consultant [ Real Estate ]
professional summary experienced real estate professional with extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. professional history in assessment and evaluation, developing analysis and decision making skills. a dedicated real estate consultant with nearly 11 years of professional real estate e ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Public Relations Officer [ Public Relations ]
professional summary skilled public relation professional with nearly 15 years of experience in fostering positive relationships between organizations and media. strong communication skills and confident presentation abilities to deliver promotional campaigns, media addresses, and reports to executi ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Lead Plumbing Engineer [ Plumber ]
professional summary experienced and licensed plumbing engineer with extensive knowledge of residential and commercial plumbing design. understanding of specialized water access areas, fire suppression systems, and storm water drains. intense knowledge of water efficiency, clean drainage, and devel ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Medical Laboratory Technologist [ Medical & Healthcare ]
professional summary skilled medical professional with years of experience in diverse roles. passionate about using my skills to help patients and further medical science. expert in several computerized medical records programs with certifications for various clinical and laboratory equipment. varie ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Factory Manager [ Industrial & manufacturing ]
professional summary experienced factory manager with over 10 years of experience. skilled in supervising, leading, and directing tasks in order to achieve optimal productivity and results. experience in prior positions developed ability to balance high productivity with high quality as well as effe ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Marketing Executive [ Marketing & advertising ]
professional summary expert marketing professional with 10 years of executive experience. skilled at creating campaigns centered around consumer education on product use. persuasive communicator who is confident in presenting marketing objectives to corporate stakeholders and potential investors. pa ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Global Logistics Manager [ Logistics & Distribution ]
professional summary supply chain management expert seeking to revitalize product transportation and distribution for food retail chains. proven history of eliminating supply chain waste and reallocating financial and personnel resources to maximize distribution efficiency. view projects and process ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Paralegal [ Legal services ]
professional summary knowledgeable and committed legal professional with more than five years working experience as a legal secretary. held multiple law support positions and is familiar with daily practice in a firm. administrative expert capable of fast and effective organizational and communicati ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Insurance Agent [ Insurance ]
summary • life insurance agent provides policies to protect against life's unforeseen events. • writes fire, farm and automobile insurance policies for individuals and businesses. • specializes in personal liability and automobile insurance. skills • analytical • written and spoken commu ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
HR [ HR & Recruitment ]
professional summary passionate hr professional with 10 years of experience in the industry and six years of leadership management. skilled at managing conflict and developing creative solutions for problems in a timely and effective manner. confident communicator with keen negotiation skills to ens ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Assistant Restaurant Manager [ Hospitality & Restaurants ]
professional summary exceptional assistant restaurant manager dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and creating a positive atmosphere for employees to improve morale and performance. experienced with numerous aspects of restaurant operation, including marketing, finance, hospitality, supplie ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Graphic Designer [ Graphic Design ]
professional summary graphic designer and multimedia artist with four years of experience with a focus on marketing/advertising projects done with the highest regards to the client’s requests and the project’s needs. knowledge of adding graphic elements to websites, book jackets, and retail pro ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Administrative officer [ Government/ Administration ]
professional summary highly efficient and diligent administrative office professional with seven years of experience in management. capable leader with excellent skills in delegating responsibilities to others and supervising and evaluating for effective task completion. enthusiasm for delivering e ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Environmental Health Specialist [ Environment services ]
professional summary detail-oriented environmental health officer with over 16 years of experience. committed to ensuring public health and safety as well as sustainability and environmental preservation. expert in air quality monitoring, emissions control, and respiratory protection; familiarity w ...
Jul 5, 2019 Jul 5
Aviation Inspector [ Airline & Aviation ]
skilled aviation inspector with detailed understanding of airplane mechanics, including the use and maintenance of the tools specific to the field. excellent attention to detail in all mechanical inspections. experienced with technical and spreadsheet software, and federal safety standards. professi ...
Jul 4, 2019 Jul 4
Lead Industrial Electrician [ Electrician ]
professional summary licensed master industrial electrician with years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing complex electronic equipment. proven leadership abilities along with an extensive knowledge base from a combination of formal education and on-the-job training. proficient wit ...
Jul 4, 2019 Jul 4
Journalism Teacher [ Education ]
professional summary journalism teacher with a solid eight years of experience teaching middle and high school students as well as college freshmen. dedicated to teaching future reporters proper journalism ethics, writing and interviewing skills, and ways to be objective. have written for several o ...
Jul 4, 2019 Jul 4
Customer Service Manager [ Customer Service ]
professional summary skilled customer service professional with 20 years of successful management and leadership experience. dedicated to bettering the customer experience with reliable product education, timely assistance, helpful feedback, and respectful conflict management response. confident co ...
Jul 4, 2019 Jul 4
Business & Financial Consultant [ Consulting ]
professional summary experienced business consultant with more than 16 years experience in the field of business operations. innovative and committed business expert who has proven history of aiding and significantly improving the efficiency and success of numerous businesses. an individual who pri ...
Jul 4, 2019 Jul 4

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